12 Days in Laos

So a while back, before we left New Zealand for Asia, we started trying something new for our videos. In the past we spent a lot of our free time on the road going through and editing all of our GoPro footage into videos so that we were able to upload them as we went along. This sometimes takes away from our experiences, instead of going out and exploring our new surroundings we found ourselves cooped up in front of the computer. So now we use the app 1 Second Every Day to put together short videos of our travels while we’re on the road. We use both videos taken on our phones and the GoPro. We then use iMovie to edit, add music and add text to the final video. This saves us a lot of time and energy and is easily done while on the move, i.e. night trains, tour buses, planes, etc.

We’ve been a little backed up in terms of posting, so we thought the best way to showcase our time in Laos would be to show you our highlights of the country with a video.

We’ve also done this for both our New Zealand road trip from Queenstown to Auckland and our first Month in Thailand. You can see both videos here on our Vimeo page and here on our YouTube channel.


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