Van Build: Choosing a Layout

Choosing a layout for our van build has been so hard! And I don’t think we have a final decision yet! Every time we think we’ve settled on a layout we end up changing our minds! It definitely doesn’t help that I have major decision anxiety! I can’t make up my mind! 🙈


We have a few things we know for sure that we want in the van:

  • A fixed bed so that we can have a “garage” underneath for storage.
  • A bathroom/wetroom with a shower and compost toilet.
  • Enough seating space so that we can host people for dinner or hang out inside when it’s raining.
  • We want to be able to get from the cab of the van to the back of the van without having to go outside.

While finding inspiration for our layout I came across a website with an awesome free printable van blueprint that has been so helpful.

The website (Sportsmobile) has blueprints for Sprinters, Pro Masters, Transits, and Chevy/Ford Es which I’ve linked so that you can use them too! They’re great because they show everything, like where windows would be, the step, the back doors, and where the windows would be on them. What I find super helpful is that the grid blueprints are to scale and come with a little ruler that you can cut out and use to make sure things are actually going to properly fit in your van, rather than having you guess. 

Here are the two layouts we’re deciding between, yes they’re super similar. It’s the seating area that we can’t decide on! We can’t decide whether to put it near the door and have the toilet by the bed or to have the toilet by the door and then have the seating area touching the bed.



We plan on having some windows installed on Saturday so we really need to make a decision soon! Let us know in the comments what you think of these layouts or if you have any suggestions from your own builds!

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