About Us

 We met at the beginning of May 2014, when both of us were just starting our year in Australia. Together we have traveled and worked around Australia, spent some time in Bali, visited each other’s home countries, moved over to New Zealand where we spent 10 months working and traveling, backpacked South East Asia for three months, moved to England for 11 months where we worked and travelled, then backpacked all over Europe for 3 months, moved to Canada where we lived for just under two years, and now we’ve moved back to England where we plan to keep on travelling.

10873518_10154951141070285_7414631235310598162_o“Travelling”… I’ve never really been travelling until I left England after having quit my job, sold my car and saved as much money as possible, to go to Australia with my friend Karl, (and yes, I had a humongous roller suitcase ful of shit I didn’t need/use). My family holidays were exactly that. A holiday; to Disney World or a small Greek Island or somewhere in Spain, the stereotypical British family holiday. Nothing to exactly stimulate the inner traveller. But I’ve always loved the outdoors, and the idea of being able to do something, go somewhere greater than my hometown in the East Riding of Yorkshire. I grew up around farms that were out of town. I was always playing outside and looking for new adventures; riding my bike as far as I could, or running through the woods to see what’s there. I went on like that for years, and I’m still like it now, whenever we go to a new place, I just want to walk around to see what’s there. I like finding the small things; the things most people miss.

My dad went to Australia 30 years ago, when he was my age. He experienced the same sort of things I have during my time. And what he tells me about it will always stick with me and I think that is partly the reason I like to travel now and be on the move. He told me his one regret. That regret was coming home.



I was born and raised in Northern Canada, and when I say North, I really mean North. I was raised in the Northwest Territories, above the arctic circle. Where our summers have 24-hour sunlight and our winters cast us into total darkness for about a month. Before coming abroad I designed and created custom cakes at the best little shop in Lethbridge, Alberta. And over three years ago I dropped everything to become a full-time backpacker. On December 24, 2013, I boarded a plane to Sydney, Australia and little did I know it would change my life. Three weeks later I returned to Canada, where I quit my job, gave up my apartment, packed my bag and within two months was back on a plane to Australia with a one-way ticket and a Working Holiday Visa in my passport. Two months into it I met this wonderful human above me and we’ve been traveling together ever since.

My dream has always been to travel. To really get down and dirty and explore the world fully. A lot of people’s dreams in life have to do with big-time jobs and success, and each to their own, but I’ve always known that my place was never in Canada, and never stuck behind a desk. There was always someplace else I wanted to be and I’ve never felt truly at home there or felt like I belonged there. But when I’m traveling, when I’m so far into the unknown, that is when I know; I am right where I belong. And there is no greater feeling.

Our Posts

We work as a team, Will and I, when writing about our travels and experiences. I myself am better at coming up with the ideas and Will is better at putting things into words. Together we’ll be posting anything from how-to’s to advice, to random stories. Our photos are taken with our phones, and my Nikon DSLR.

All of our content is of our own opinion and is not influenced by anyone other than ourselves.

Our Videos

Nothing captures memories well enough than really being there in the moment but we do our best through the tools that we have. While we travel we try and film as much as possible while still taking it all in and not losing sight of why we’re really there. Everything is filmed through the lens of our DSLR (also listed above), and sometimes a GoPro. Our filming and photography techniques are still being developed and personalized as this is all still a learning process for us. So bare with it while we go through the growing pains of starting something new.

Earlier this year we started Vlogging about our travels, and will continue to share our adventures via video!

All of our videos are self-edited and published through YouTube.  Although we claim no rights to any of the music or speech used, all of the footage is ours personally unless otherwise stated.