1 Year, 4 Continents, 12 Countries

This is our biggest video yet!

2016 was absolutely amazing! We travelled to 4 Continents, 12 Countries, over 30 Cities/Towns/Villages, took countless flights, trains, and boats, and met unforgettable people.

Shout out to Khao Lak Adventures and our Similan Island Live Aboard Dive Boat group, The Gibbon Experience in Laos for the experience of a lifetime, Rin our local guide for showing us rural Vietnam by motorbike, the people we met while travelling with Stray New Zealand, our Contiki Oktoberfest group, Trawangan Dive for showing us the best diving Gili T has to offer (watch video here), and to everyone who has made this year one to remember.

Please excuse our Vietnam spelling mistake in the credits, we’ve had a lot of technical difficulties while making this video and going back to fix some things would mean pretty much starting over.






2017 Here we come!


Our Favourite Places in: South East Asia

Favourite Places

Since the end of our South East Asia trip and relocating to England the question we’re asked the most is what were our favourite places from the trip. To us it’s a nearly impossible question to answer as every place we’ve been to has had its own charm and things we’ve liked. But we did some thinking and were able to put together a list of all the places we visited over the three months we travelled South East Asia, that now have a special place in our hearts.


Hoi An, Vietnam


Vietnam would not be at the top of the list for places we’d go back to, solely because it was just too loud and too busy, but Hoi An is where we found a little slice of Vietnamese paradise.


Nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of Hoi An is the Hoi An Old Town. This area would have been the original parts of the city before it grew into what it is today and it’s like stepping back in time. There are no cars allowed down the narrow streets, only pedal bikes and motor bikes (between 10AM and 6pm), and even then there aren’t many motorbikes. It gets quite busy and crowed during the day so we found the best time to walk around peacefully was early morning when the motorbikes aren’t allowed on the walking streets and people haven’t made it out of their hotels yet.


We liked the Old Town so much we didn’t really venture out to anywhere else. The food was SO good, the locals were friendly, and at night the whole area gleamed with the glow of lanterns. It was the first time I really felt like we were actually in Vietnam.

DSCN1966HoiAn Lanterns

Hoi An is where you’ll find the lanterns Vietnam is known for. At night the stalls and store entrances are lined with lit up lanterns that give the streets a romantic feel. By the night market is where the lantern stalls are, with walls on walls of lit up Vietnamese Lanterns, and couples taking their wedding photos. It’s absolutely stunning and photos do not do it justice.


And we can’t forget about the food! In case you didn’t already know, we’re huge foodies, and Hoi An did not disappoint. The city is most famous for its Banh Bao Vac (White Roses), and Cao Lau.


Banh Bao Vac are special dumplings made with rice flour dough and stuffed with minced pork and spices, then pinched together in a way that make them look like roses. They are served warm with crispy fried onions and a sweet/tangy sauce. They are such a Hoi An specialty you literally cannot get them anywhere else in Vietnam. They are made by only one shop who distribute them all over Hoi An, and they’ve been doing so for generations. So whether you have them in the Old Town or somewhere else, they’ve all come from the same place.


Cao Lau is a noodle dish that comes with a delicious, thick flavourful pork broth, fresh greens and herbs, refreshing bean sprouts, spiced sliced pork, and to make it that much better, it’s topped with crispy pork skin. Excuse me while drool a little.

You can get it anywhere, the pricier restaurants, the cheap restaurants, even from the street food vendors. But the best we had (in our opinion) was at Thuan Y, a little river front restaurant that also had the best banana shakes.


Gili Trawangan, Bali


Oh Gili T, how you stole our hearts from the first day we ever saw you.


Our first visit to Gili T was back in October of 2014, when we did a short trip during our working holiday year in Australia. We fell hopelessly and endlessly in love with the island, from its quiet nature to its drop dead gorgeous waters. It’s a diver’s paradise, a seafood lovers heaven and a beach bum’s eden. There are no cars, no motorbikes, only horse-drawn carts and pedal bikes. Every evening the night market springs to life with the smell of satay and flame grilled corn, and the restaurants display fresh seafood caught that day.


{ Our favourite BBQ spot }

The island has everything you could possibly want. Want to go shopping? They’ve got designer clothing stores to souvenir stalls. Want good food? There’s fresh oven fired pizza, seafood BBQ, vegan cafes, italian restaurants, authentic Balinese, and even gourmet burgers. Want to go to the beach? Parts of the beach are busy but if you walk far enough around (you can walk around the whole island in about 4 hours) you’ll find quite, secluded beaches. You want it, they’ve got it.


And we can’t forget about the diving! World class dive sites are right out your front door. We dove with Trawangan Dive both times because, A) It is a Dive resort, meaning you can you can get dive and stay packages, making it slightly cheaper and hassle free; and B) we like the all around vibe of the place. The guides, instructors and helping hands are amazing. They’re all cheerful and outgoing and really make you excited for you’re dives. It’s just a super chill environment and we absolutely loved it.



No questions about it, Gili T is our favourite place on Earth and it will forever have a special place in our hearts.


Koh Tao, Thailand


Koh Tao is similar to Gili T in the sense that it’s definitely a divers niche. It is, after all, the cheapest place to get certified. In the high season the diving is pristine, with visibility up to or more than 30 meters and you may even be lucky enough to spot a whale shark or two. On top of that the water is SO warm, we never had to wear wetsuit! On average it’s about 30 degrees or more and thats at anywhere from 30 to 18 meters down. It’s the most free a diver can feel, diving with nothing but a bikini or shorts and your BCD. Heaven I tell you, Heaven!


The night life is great (in high season), with fire shows every night, a pub crawl every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and decent bars with live music.


Koh Tao has that low key, relaxed, island vibe that we love and as long as you’re just around Sairee Beach it’s relatively quite in terms of traffic because there are no cars in that particular area. We’re small town people, we like to be away from the noise and busyness of big cities. What makes it great is it has a little something for everyone, great diving, good nightlife, nature walks, island tours, 5 star resorts, you name it. It’s the perfect place to recover from it’s rowdier sister island, Koh Pha Ngan.

Similan Islands, Thailand


Another diver’s paradise (apologies for repetition but our happy place truly is in the water). The Similan Islands are rated one of the top 10 places to dive in the world. You have a great chance of seeing Whale Sharks and Manta Rays here as well as plenty of other sea life you might not see anywhere else and the water is so warm you can get away with only wearing a 3mm shortie.

What’s unique about the Similans is the best way to dive around them is to do a Live Aboard Dive Boat. You can go for anywhere between 2 – 7 days and on a number of quality boats costing from 17 000-32 000 TBH.


Our live abroad is what made the Similans so memorable for us. We chose Khao Lak Scuba Adventures because of the quality and the price of their particular tours. We were on the boat for 4 nights and it was incredible. We saw so much sea life that we’ve never seen before, Will did his Advanced Open Water certification, and we saw a Manta Ray!


{ The highlight of our Live Aboard }

We got to dive 4 times a day which helped us become more confident as divers and taught us a lot about our own strengths and weaknesses in the water. We learned a lot and to me this is important when travelling, because not only did we come away with great stories but we came away self-improved. Those five days were definitely a big highlight of our trip.

Read all about our dive trip in the Similan Islands on our 50 Shades of Blue post, here.


Khao Lak itself doesn’t really have much going on. You can take day trips into the National Park and it is a good place to get into Khao Sok National Park. It is also one of the places that got hit the hardest by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, the damage of which you can still see today.


Vang Vieng, Laos


Vang Viang is known among backpackers (and probably all other travellers) as a place to party, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Vang Vieng hot airballoon

The scenery alone won us over the day we got there. The mountains, the trees, and the river, all make for a stunning back drop. Everything is so green and colourful with nature. There are caves to explore, the Blue Lagoon to swim in, motorbikes to rent for exploring. It’s a great little town trying to rid itself of its dark and partying past.


{ The Blue Lagoon }

There’s a cafe/restaurant that plays Friends on repeat all day, every day. Restaurants with special menus if thats what you’re looking for. Bars with free drinks (Nope, I’m not joking. They literally line the bar with shots of whisky just waiting for you to choose your mix, ALL free between 8 and 9). And the baguettes, oh those baguettes! We still crave them!


{ Will started being called Mr.Chicken because we had so many baguettes }

There are still remnants of the French influence in Laos and baguettes are one of them. They’re just a little smaller than a foot long subway sandwich and you get just as many filling options as subway, although you only get lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes as salad and mayo, chilli, and ketchup as sauce options. I don’t know how or why they are so good, and I probably don’t want to know but they are delicious!


Siem Reap, Cambodia


Angkor Wat has been at the top of our Bucket Lists for years, so actually stepping foot into the grounds was an experience of a life time. We’ll never forget walking up to the gates at 5am in the morning and getting that surreal feeling like we couldn’t believe we were actually there.


I’m a huge archaeology buff, after all, it is what I studied in my first year of University, so I was having a field day (HA! pardon the pun) walking around all the sites and exploring all the nooks and crannies we could.


There is way more too it than most people expect because Angkor Wat is just one structure our of hundreds in the Angkor area. We only got two full days to explore the area, which was plenty of time but I think one more day would have been just perfect.

Check out more of our photos from Angkor here.



So those are our Favourite Places from our past South East Asia trip. It was an amazing adventure, one we had been planning for years and we will never forget the experiences we had, the people we met and all the incredible things we got to see. Stay tuned for a possible series of Favourite Places posts, from our previous trips to our current travels. If you have any questions about other places we visited or companies we went through don’t hesitate to ask, we’d be happy to help.

50 Shades of Blue


We’re addicts and we’re not afraid to say so, and we just came off a 4 day bender.

Anyone who dives knows how much like a drug it is. Its hooks you, mentally, physically, and emotionally but it’s possibly the healthiest addiction you can have; maybe not for your wallet, but definitely for your well-being. It’s exciting, and freeing and exhilarating; it’s relaxing, and soothing on the soul. It’s like a gambling and drug addiction all in one. When you’re not diving all you want to be doing is diving. You never know what you’re going to see, and that’s so exciting. Sure it’s disappointing if you don’t see much but that’s the gamble and that’s why we keep going because when you do see something really cool and amazing, there’s no feeling like it. It’s pure and natural, yet so unfamiliar.

We knew we wanted to dive the Similan Islands before coming to Thailand because it is rated some of the best diving in the world; and we were not disappointed. We’ve only been diving around two years now, on and off, and we have seen more new things on this trip then we have anywhere else. These are just a few of the things we were able to see:


{ Pineapple Fish ~2 inches big and Cleaner Shrimp in the background }

Similan Islands, Shark Fin Reef - Ornate Ghost Pipefish

{ Ghost Pipe Fish ~4 inches – Photo credit: Khao Lak Scuba Adventures }


{ Huge Schools of Barracuda }


{ Jelly Fish – Photo credit: Liane Jenkins }

Koh Bon Pinnacle - Octopus

{ Octopus (First time seeing one) – Photo credit: Khao Lak Scuba Adventures }

Similan Islands, Deep Six - Sea Moth (1)

{ Sea Moth ~3 inches – Photo credit: Khao Lak Scuba Adventures }


{ Checking out the Sea Moth }

Richelieu Rock - Harlequin Shrimp (1)

{ Harlequin Shrimp – Photo credit: Khao Lak Scuba Adventures }


{ Lamellarid Sea Snail ~2-3 inches }


{ Huge Moray Eel }

Koh Bon, West Ridge - Black Banded Sea Snake (2)

{ Banded Sea Snake – Photo credit: Khao Lak Scuba Adventures }


 { Every time we saw something cool it was added to the board }

We also saw a couple of sharks, some turtles, sting rays, and countless of other sea life that was just as cool but these were just some of our favourites.

And last but not least:



Imagine your 6 meters under the water, in the open ocean, nothing around you but fifty shades of blue. You can only see about 5-10 meters in front of you in every direction, and you’re just chilling, hanging out, doing your five meter safety stop, not expecting anything to appear. Then, out of nowhere, you see something, something big. Unsure of what it is, you’re frozen while your brain tries to register what your eyes are seeing. Your heart starts beating out of your chest, your eyes wide, and then you see it’s wings flap, slow and graceful, and your heart literally skips because you know what it is; it’s a Manta Ray. So many things start racing through your mind; “Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!”, try to alert the others, turn on your GoPro, start waving your hands frantically at your group (because they’re not paying attention and haven’t seen it yet), all while not wanting to look away. It feels like the longest and the shortest moment of your life.

It was about 3 meters give or take and we watched it for a good 5-10 minutes, our dive was 57 minutes compared to our usual 40-45. We surfaced with cheers and huge smiles that didn’t fade for the rest of the day. Seeing the Manta Ray was the highlight of our trip. The dive gods must have been in our favour that morning because I wanted so badly to see a Manta and we were the only ones on the boat to see it, just in the right place at the right time. It was so surreal and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to see it.





{ Dive site maps }


Each day we did four dives; one early in the morning (wake up call was 6am), one after breakfast/ just before lunch, one in the afternoon, and one sunset dive (the best time). On our first day we did a night dive and got to see the phosphorescence, it was so cool, like watching stars light up right in front of our eyes and people’s fins would leave trails behind them like the Milky Way.


We even got a beach trip between dives on the morning of the second day. The Similan Islands have some beautiful beaches and we’re glad we got to stop and enjoy one for a couple of hours. It was probably one of the nicest beaches we’ve seen in Thailand so far.


{ Donald Duck Bay }


{ Photo credit: Khao Lak Scuba Adventures }



The dive sites we’re quite different from most other dives we’ve done. It was all really massive boulders, not the coral gardens we’re used to. This made for a lot of really cool swim-throughs and huge rock walls. The dives we’re just as much about the ambiance as it was about the sea life.


The visibility wasn’t great over all four days but that didn’t affect the quality of our dives much. It must have just been the timing of our trip because we also dealt with a lot of strong current. They told us that was due to the fact that the full moon had just happened the day before we started the trip. The water was nice and warm as expected, staying between 28-33 degrees most of the time. There were cold surges, or the ‘green monster’ as the guides called it, every once in a while but for the most part we wore shorties or just our swimmers and a t-shirt.



All in all the trip was great. The Thai staff were so helpful in getting us into our gear quickly. You’d sit down to do up your BCD and just like that you’re strapped in with your fins on ready to jump in the water.


The food was great, mostly Thai, which we loved, with some western dishes once in a while, as well as salad and fresh fruit with every meal. Breakfast was always some sort of eggs, with bacon, sausages, potatoes, toast, and fresh fruit. Tea and coffee were always available along with free drinking water and cold soda and beer (extra charge) and these unbelievably yummy cookies (most people who dive in Thailand will know what I’m talking about) that we all called crack cookies because of how addictive they are.

There were only 15 guests and the boat was smaller than we expected but it didn’t feel over crowded at all. We were on the Manta Queen 7 which has a sun deck (you’re able to sleep up there if you want, with nothing but the stars above you), a shaded open-air common area where dive briefings were held and meals were served, and an air-conditioned ‘saloon’. The rooms and dive deck are on the same lower level. The rooms are small but it really didn’t matter much as we were only in there when we were sleeping. The dive deck was cramped but divers were sent down in two groups which gave us plenty of room to get ready. Everything ran smoothly and was very comfortable.

The dive staff were amazing as well. They were fun, helpful and always good at getting us pumped up for the dives (even at 6am). There were no more than 4 divers per guide or instructor and they split the groups based on experience/skill level and whether people were doing courses or not.


{ Our dive group and awesome guide/instructor, Kate (bottom right) }

We chose Khao Lak Scuba Adventures with the help of Andy from Scuba Diving Phuket, he gave us suggestions based on our budget and where we wanted to dive. It was an amazing trip and we’re really happy with the decision. It was an awesome first time on a live aboard (where I wasn’t working), we’ve been able to hone our skills underwater and Will is now Advanced Open Water certified. When all you do is dive for four days you can really grow as a diver and become more confident in the water. We will definitely be looking into more trips like this in the future.


{ “Now do your favourite fish signs.” they said, so of course we did the one for a Manta Ray }





A Small Slice of Luxury


A few days ago we just spent 2 days living large at Santhiya Resort and Spa, an award-winning eco-luxury resort on Koh Yao Yai, a small island just off the east coast of Phuket. It’s a beautiful resort that blends naturally into the island, everything is made of wood and so intricately designed. The staff are welcoming, friendly and attentive. They run their own private or joint speed boat transfers to and from Au Po Grand Marina, rates start at 900THB per person and leave at 10am, 12pm, 3pm, and 5pm, so getting to and from the island is hassle free. You can opt to find your own way to the island, many long tail boats will take you from Bang Rong pier at a lower rate.

From the moment you get out of your taxi at Au Po Grand you are well taken care of. They’ll take care of your bags for you and have them delivered right to your room, and there’s no waiting in the scorching hot sun, you’re taken to wait at the near by cafe where someone will come back to retrieve you when the boat is ready. The transfer takes about 20 minutes, it’s not over packed, they have life jackets for everyone, you’re given complementary water and the ride is not rough at all and rather enjoyable.


{ Santhiya Resort and Spa has 6 hotel buildings and over 30 private villas. }

We’ve been wanting to treat ourselves since New Zealand but knew we would get more for our money here in Asia. I found Santhiya Resort and Spa while browsing hotels on Travelocity, we find it has some of the best deals, next to Agoda, when it comes to hotels. We’re not really the resort going type, or at least we didn’t think so as we’ve both never been to a proper resort before. We like to save money where ever possible, whether its $1 or $20, which is why when we found out just how much money we were actually saving at Santhiya, it sold us even more. The room we got normally started at around $313 USD and we got it for $119 USD, over all we saved over $400 USD, who wouldn’t grab that bargain! Although on arrival to the room we realized why it could have been on special: construction on the building below ours, we barely heard it though so it was no bother. Note: Prices will probably vary depending on seasons (high or low tourist season).


It turns out we really enjoyed it. It was nice not to have to worry about anything and just sit back and relax. We didn’t have to leave the room if we got hungry and we didn’t have to worry about carrying money on us because we could just charge everything to the room. The only thing I could see not suiting us in the long run is there wasn’t a whole lot to do, yes there were tour available, but there wasn’t a big sense of adventure. We can only spend so long not doing anything because sooner or later one of us will go stir crazy.



We spent most of our time doing absolutely nothing. A lot of it was spent by the infinity pool, enjoying the view, the drinks and the sun. We had dinner at the restaurant on Santhiya’s private pier our first night, it was japanese inspired tapas and delicious. The pier is about 40m long and sits on stilts above the water which made for a nice relaxed atmosphere and we were able to eat dinner while dangling our feet over the ocean.


Our first full day we enjoyed a late breakfast while over looking the sea and surrounding islands. Mornings here seem to have the best views and bright skys, for some reason by the afternoon a light haze sets over the horizon, blending sea and sky, making everything look pale. We had all intention of renting some kayaks but in the end couldn’t tear ourselves away from relaxing by the pool. We’ve been in Thailand only 2 weeks by this time and I am already getting so tanned (I’m determined to get as dark as possible before moving to England because we all know how little sun we’ll be getting there). Will on the other hand is getting tanned slowly. That night we took advantage of room service and watched the sunset from the comfort of our private two person bathtub.


The next morning we had breakfast for two on our balcony, checked out at noon and had a mid-day Thai massage before catching our transfer boat back to Phuket.



Santhiya was amazing and we have absolutely no complaints. Below are all the services and perks we find worth mentioning and a link for you to book your own time in paradise:

Resort services and perks:

  • Free use of water activities such as:
    • Kayaks
    • Beach balls and toys
    • snorkeling equipment, etc.
    • The only thing you have to pay for are the stand-up paddle boards.
  • Two pools:
    • One infinity pool located up the hill, closer to hotel buildings and 5th restaurant.
    • The main pool located closer to the beach, spa area and main resort buildings.
  • Spa services (extra cost):
    • body wraps, scrubs, aroma therapy, Thai massage, beach massage, manicures, pedicures, package deals and so much more.
    • A full menu is given to you on arrival.
  • Free use of fitness areas:
    • Yoga classes
    • Boxing classes
    • Gym room
  • Activity and tour organising (extra cost):
    • Each day they offer group tours to the surrounding areas and islands, like James Bond Island, Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Leh, etc.
    • Tours to these places are also available on request, as well as diving trips, snorkeling trip, etc.
    • Private tours are also available.
  • 5 restaurants ranging from, a Buffet Dinner, Seafood and western cuisine, Japanese, and to Thai and international.
  •  Private beach dining
  • Resort organized transport to and from the main land (extra cost).

Room services and perks: Deluxe Sea View

  • Good free WiFi
  • Turn down service (optional).
  • House keeping multiple times a day (optional).
  • Four free bottles of water daily.
  • Flat screen TV with multiple channels and movies in English.
  • Buffet breakfast or Breakfast for two room service, included in room price.
  • Eco-friendly air-conditioned rooms. It’s only activated when your room key is inserted into a slot by the door.
  • Private balcony with outdoor sitting area and bathtub.
  • Great ocean front views.
  • Room service until 10:30pm.
  • Mini bar
  • Thai style bath robs, flip-flops, traditional Thai bamboo umbrellas, and a beach bag to carry things to and from the beach or pool.
  • Massively comfortable beds, unlike all the other places we’ve stay where it felt like we were sleeping on the floor.
  • Mosquito netting to cover the bed.

Book directly through Santhiya Resort and Spa here or through Travelocity here .

Everything in this post is our personal opinion and not that of anyone else, nor are they influenced by the resort mentioned or anyone else.

For anymore information don’t hesitate to ask:

FantaSea: Our review of the Phuket theme park


The other day we decided to get real touristy, something we don’t do often, and go see FantaSea, a mini Asian version of Disneyland minus the rides. It’s a bit pricey for a backpacker budget but we were looking for something to do last-minute and it was advertised as a ‘must see’ show in Phuket.

The whole place is so colourful, everything in their Carnival Village is neon, and it feels like someone was on magic mushrooms when designing the place. There are many things to do before the show starts like playing classic carnival games to win stuffed animals, shopping in one of their many clothing, toys, or jewelry stores, dressing in traditional Thai clothing and have your photo taken, or walking through their animal exhibit.


The main attraction is a Vegas style show loaded with special effects, and traditional attire. The story is called Fantasy of a Kingdom and is based on old tales of an ancient kingdom of Kamala (full synopsis here).

The show itself is good entertainment although it’s hard to follow along with the story line, we had a hard time figuring out what things represented. It’s no Cirque du Soleil but it was cool to see the traditional dancing and costumes.

The buffet was actually quite nice, having a lot of options, both western and Thai. It was a good chance for us to try different Thai foods without having to order a whole dish with the risk of not liking it. They have a seafood buffet option as well but we chose not to indulge as the upgrade was an extra 1,100 THB. There are other restaurants to choose from but the buffet is as add on option as part of a package deal when purchasing show tickets.

Things we weren’t too keen about:

The Tigers:

  • To kill time after having diner and before the show started, we went to see the ‘Tiger Jungle Adventure’ exhibit. There were several different animals on show such as bunnies, mice, and strange ducks (they sure like there little animals here). And then there were the tigers. I hate paying to see caged up animals and have never really done so except for the Australia Zoo in Brisbane, and this is why: There were two tigers on display when we were there, two gorgeous white tigers cooped up in a rather small concrete room with no greenery and only a small pool. One was fast asleep but the other was extremely unsettled, pacing around their lonely concrete only enclosure. He was literally walking circles around a concrete pole, going around it over and over again, eyes wide, pupils as big as they could be and mouth hanging open but not panting. Everyone was is aw, taking pictures and pressing their faces to the glass and all I could think was, it seemed like the poor thing was drugged up. I’ve heard of tigers being drugged so that they are docile for tourists to take photos with, so it would make sense that they would drug them to keep them up and active for tourists to watch. I definitely don’t know any of this for sure, it was just the impression I got, and who knows, maybe they are kept somewhere nicer when not on display but it just didn’t sit right with us. Needless to say I didn’t take any photos and we didn’t stay in the exhibit long.

The elephants:

  • Absolutely stunning animals, trained to entertain and walk around with people on their backs. I was able to count at least 14 elephants onstage and 4 outside for riding (whether they were also part of the show, I’m not sure). They all seemed to be rather young, none of them having any signs of tusks and all quite small. They didn’t appear to be mistreated though, and when they walked around, their trainer never hit them or used negative reinforcement, but it still made me uneasy as to how FantaSea could have obtained or how and where these giant beauties are being kept, so we chose not to pay for a ride, but instead fed and cuddled them.


All in all the experience as a whole was alright; the only thing that brought down our personal experience were the animals and how they may or may not be treated. But it’s up to you to decide what you feel comfortable with. It’s your choice to decide where you want your money to go, but in our opinion as travellers, we need to be conscious of what we’re supporting. The choices we make affect the world of tourism and the countries we visit. It’s only because of us that they feel the need to lock up these animals and to galavant them around for entertainment. That being said, the show was good, all of the staff were helpful, friendly, and always smiling, pre show entertainment was fun and being able to dress up in traditional Thai clothing was a unique experience I’m sure we won’t get again, but we didn’t leave feeling all that great about what our money went to.

Overall rating:

BeFunky Design

{ We’ve decided to use suns instead of stars for our ratings. We are The Endless Summer after all. }

We’re giving FantaSea as a whole a 3/5 rating because the theme park itself is good fun but the exploitation of what should be, wild animals, for our entertainment just did not sit right with us and we probably wouldn’t pay for it again.


  • Show + Buffet Diner = 2,200 THB
  • Show only = 1,800 THB


  • Show + Buffet Diner = 2,000 THB
  • Show only = 1,800 THB

Transport to/from hotel = 300 THB per person

Book online, at your accommodation or at any street stand selling tours.