Friday Favourites: Bump Photos!

I’ve never been on good terms with my body. It’s always been something I struggled with; always wanting smaller legs, a flatter stomach, less curves, shorter, skinnier, etc etc etc. Not to mention it’s something that other people always felt they had the right to comment negatively on; “too fat”, “too curvy”, “too tall”, too this, too that.

So when we got pregnant I was really worried about how my body would change, how big my stomach would get, would my hips get even wider, how many stretch marks would I get, and how much weight I would gain.

However, right now, I have never been more proud of my body then I have been these past months. I mean, it’s growing a fricken human! Don’t get me wrong, it has NOT been easy (my hips have struggled pretty much since the beginning, the backaches are real, and the overall uncomfiness is now at an all time high!). At first I wore baggy clothes, avoiding anything that hugged my growing bump, but I’ve surprisingly come around to all the changes, and I find myself easily able to embrace this new ‘curve’.

Because of this I wasn’t sure I wanted to take any “maternity photos” for the longest time. But then it got closer and closer to our due date and we hardly had any photos of me pregnant, other then the bump updates i’d posted on our Instagram stories, and the thought made me kinda sad.

So, we hung a sheet on the laundry line in my parents back yard, I put makeup on for the first time in weeks, we got the cameras out, Will put on some fun music, and we just spent the next hour or so shooting.

I honestly had no idea how they’d turn out, as I’m not the most confident infront of the camera to start with, but I am OBSESSED and so proud with how they turned out! I love them so much and I’m so happy we ended up doing it in the end!



















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