1 Year, 4 Continents, 12 Countries

This is our biggest video yet!

2016 was absolutely amazing! We travelled to 4 Continents, 12 Countries, over 30 Cities/Towns/Villages, took countless flights, trains, and boats, and met unforgettable people.

Shout out to Khao Lak Adventures and our Similan Island Live Aboard Dive Boat group, The Gibbon Experience in Laos for the experience of a lifetime, Rin our local guide for showing us rural Vietnam by motorbike, the people we met while travelling with Stray New Zealand, our Contiki Oktoberfest group, Trawangan Dive for showing us the best diving Gili T has to offer (watch video here), and to everyone who has made this year one to remember.

Please excuse our Vietnam spelling mistake in the credits, we’ve had a lot of technical difficulties while making this video and going back to fix some things would mean pretty much starting over.






2017ย Here we come!


6 Days Diving around Gili T, Lombok

We’ve been having a lot of issues using the GoPro Studio for editing all of our footage so if anyone knows of any other video editing software that is user friendly, we’d love to hear about it.

Footage shot with GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition & GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition