1 Year, 4 Continents, 12 Countries

This is our biggest video yet! 2016 was absolutely amazing! We travelled to 4 Continents, 12 Countries, over 30 Cities/Towns/Villages, took countless flights, trains, and boats, and met unforgettable people. Shout out to Khao Lak Adventures and our Similan Island Live Aboard Dive Boat group, The Gibbon Experience in Laos for the experience of a … Continue reading 1 Year, 4 Continents, 12 Countries

Our Favourite Places in: South East Asia

Since the end of our South East Asia trip and relocating to England the question we're asked the most is what were our favourite places from the trip. To us it's a nearly impossible question to answer as every place we've been to has had its own charm and things we've liked. But we did … Continue reading Our Favourite Places in: South East Asia

12 Days in Laos

So a while back, before we left New Zealand for Asia, we started trying something new for our videos. In the past we spent a lot of our free time on the road going through and editing all of our GoPro footage into videos so that we were able to upload them as we went … Continue reading 12 Days in Laos

Our Gibbon Experience

Situated a short drive from Huay Xai, Laos, there lies Nam Kan National Park. Designated a National Park in 2008, the area where the Gibbon Experience operates, helps protect against illegal logging, poaching, destructive land use and more. The company employees are all Laos people (with the exception of a few foreigners), most of which … Continue reading Our Gibbon Experience