The Bucket List

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Get to 30 Countries by 30

See the Northern Lights ( W )

Backpack Europe

Angkor Wat

Backpack South East Asia

Travel South Africa

Do a lap around the Nurburgring ( W )

Road trip across America

Road trip across Canada

Drive the Dempster Highway

Ride a motorbike through Vietnam


Go Back to Australia

See the Great Wall of China

See the Taj Mahal

Celebrate Songkran in Thailand

Celebrate Holi in India

See the first sunrise in the world

Be in two places at once

See a Sea Horse ( B )

Swim with Whales

Swim with a Whale Shark

See the Berlin Wall

The Yacht Week Croatia

Travel India

Bora Bora


Zip line on the tallest Zip Line in the world

Indulge in Abu Daubi or Dubai

Travel Bali Extensively

See the last sunset in the World

Show Will The North ( B )

Hot Air Balloon over Turkey

Go to the Hot Air Balloon festival in New Mexico

Go to Ultra Music Festival

Travel/Road Trip Iceland


See Matchu Pitchu ( W )

Snorkel over the two plates in Iceland

See the ball drop on NYE in NYC

Live in NYC

Spend St. Patty’s Day in Ireland

Spend each New Years Eve somewhere different from the last.

Harry Potter World 

Easter Island


Dive in the Red Sea

Travel the Philippines

Drive and/or own a Ferrari ( W )

Travel Malaysia

Swim/dive with Manta Rays

See phosphorescence in the water at night

Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan

Contiki Europe

Take a Gondola ride in Venice

Island Hop in Greece

Road Trip in an old VW Campervan

Do an LBW tour in Thailand

Go to Antarctica

See all 7 Wonders of the Ancient World

See all 7 Wonders of the New World

Couch surf across the World

Set foot on all Continents

Live in England ( B )

Volunteer with Elephants

Help build a school in Africa

See Kenya

The Ski Week

Buy a House

Live in Canada ( W )

See Great Pyramids ( W )

Travel South America

See the Bolivian Salt Flats

Live the Van life

Get a Dog

Road Trip the Flordia Keys

Dive the Blue Hole

Ski in Japan

Ski Trip to the French Alps

Switzerland in Winter

Ring in the New Year twice in the same day (Yes, it’s possible)

Travel Myanmar

Stay at Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Island hop/backpack French Polynesia

Visit the Galapagos Islands

Dive with Hammerhead sharks

Game Drive in Serengeti National Park

Travel the Bahamas

Visit Pig Island

Run out of pages in our Passports




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