Van Build: Sub Floor & Flooring

There are so many different ways to go around building a van, and I don't think there's really a wrong or a right one. Some people do the floor first before they insulate their walls; some people insulate the whole van before they move on; some people leave the floor/flooring for later when they have … Continue reading Van Build: Sub Floor & Flooring

Van Build: Insulating

One of the first things we did with the van, after dealing with some interior rust and installing our MaxxAir Fan, was insulate. We wanted to insulate the van so that it would stay warm in the winter but also keep out heat in the summer, since we plan on living in it year round. I … Continue reading Van Build: Insulating

Van Build: Choosing a Layout

Choosing a layout for our van build has been so hard! And I don't think we have a final decision yet! Every time we think we've settled on a layout we end up changing our minds! It definitely doesn't help that I have major decision anxiety! I can't make up my mind! 🙈 We have … Continue reading Van Build: Choosing a Layout