The Endless Summer Book Project

I remember reading a story once about an experiment of sorts, where someone left a book behind on a bench, in a coffee shop, at an airport, anywhere where it could be picked up and read by someone else. Inside was their name, where they were from and where they found the book. I guess the goal was to see how far the book could go. If you found the book hopefully you would do the same, leaving it some else, preferably in a different town/city/country.


And when Allison (a girl we met on our Gibbon Experience) gave me a book she thought I might like, I thought about this idea. So we’ve decided to do something similar and create The Endless Summer Book Project (we’re really not original when it comes to naming things, if you’ve got something better we’d love to hear it), and try to track it here on the blog.

We’ve made a page just for the project, you can find in our top Menu, next to our Post page, titled The Book.

If you found the book you would write the following on the inside front page:

  • Your Name (doesn’t need to be your full name).
  • Where you’re from.
  • Where you found the book (Country and location).


There are also instructions that lead to our website where people can leave the same as above in comments so that we can all see where the book is and where it’s been.

There’s nothing special about the book itself, it’s an easy read but we’ve only chosen it because it’s the only one we have at the moment.

We’re going to give this a year, if after a year the book stops turning up or gets nowhere, we’ll either try again or call it unsuccessful.

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