What’s the Plan Now?

So just like that we were back in England. Our Euro Trip is over. And it’s on to the next country.

If you’ve been following us for a while, or you’ve met us along the way, you’ll know that we manage to travel like we do because we move around on work visas. We like to choose places close to where we’d like to do our next big trip. For example, we choose New Zealand a) because it was close to Australia and easy to get a work visa; and b) because we wanted to travel South East Asia and it was easier and cheaper to get there if we stayed in the Southern Hemisphere. And we chose England because a) I wanted to see the country itself and b) we wanted to backpack Europe, which was so much more cost efficient to do from England then from across the pond or on from the other side of the world.


{ Australia }


New Zealand to S.E. Asia


England to Europe

Last year, back when we decided to head for England, we had made a bit of a compromise. At the time Will had no desire to return home, so we made a deal that, if we spent the year in England, we would then head to Canada next.

So without further ado, the next country we will be exploring and calling home is …



This time though, our reasoning for where to go next, is a little bit different. We’ve chosen Canada not only because of the next trip we want to do (which, by the way, is to do a massive road trip from coast to coast in both Canada and the US and then head north to where I was brought up in the NWT) but because it is where we want to start putting down some permanent roots, i.e. saving for a house, starting a retirement fund, etc – things we are well aware will matter years down the line. Mind you our house might just be camper van for a while and we have no intention of slowing down on our travels or hanging up our backpacks; *If that ever changes, somebody please slap us*. We don’t think there will ever be day where we decide our backpacks are no longer needed or that travelling is no longer our top priority.

The process for Will to be able to live and work in Canada is a bit longer and more complicated then any of our other visa’s, and we’re going a much different route than the others. But, if all goes well, he will have a more permanent status in Canada, which is what we’re aiming for because like we said, we looking to put down some roots.


In the mean time, we are living in Manitoba and planning to move west into Alberta.

If anyone has and tips or recommendations for things to do or places we should visit in Canada or the US, please let us know! We’d be happy to hear from you 🙂

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