Winnipeg’s Street Art

When we think of places we’d like to go in Canada, Winnipeg is definitely not one of them. The only reason we’re here is because my parents live in a small town just over an hour and a half outside of the city. However, there is more to the city than meets the eye; that is, if you can look past the horribly pot holed roads, the rude drivers, and people on the side of the road drinking hand sanitizer and hair spray for the alcohol content. But, if you let it, Winnipeg can surprise you, with its bounty of hipster cafes, cool restaurants, its art scene and history.

Recently we’ve spent a lot of time in Winnipeg itself and while driving around we noticed that there was a significant amount of really good street art. So, the other day we spent some time photographing a few of the pieces. What we managed to find that day is no where near everything that we’ve seen over the last couple weeks but maybe we’ll turn this into a series of posts over the time that we’re here 😉





















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