Sunday Stories

The other day, I was telling someone about my sketchiest taxi ride from the first time I went to Bangkok. This gave me the idea of starting a new blog post series:

Sunday Stories

Whenever we start telling stories to friends or family, they usually start with “This one time when we were in (insert country here)” and we name drop countries like people do celebrities. We then carry on with our story, enjoying the chance to share the experiences we’ve collected while doing what we love best, travelling. However, we can never seem to shake the feeling that people might feel like we’re bragging (which is how we never want to come across), or that they might be annoyed by how much we bring up our travels. We’re not trying to brag, not in the tiniest bit, we’re trying to share. We love hearing about other peoples travels and adventures. It inspires us to try things we haven’t or to visit countries we never thought about visiting because someone shared their own experiences with it. Maybe we’re just being paranoid, maybe not. We wouldn’t blame them if that were the case though, we are well aware of how incredibly lucky we are in what we’ve managed to accomplish in the past 4 years in terms of travel, and we don’t take a single moment of it for granted, not one. But in our defence, travel has been our whole life for these past 4 years, and we can’t help that the majority of our everyday stories take place in countries all over the world.

Either way, we love reminiscing about our time abroad, and sharing our funny, sketchy or awe-inspiring moments with people. So we figure, what better way to share them, than right here on our blog. That way people can decide if they want to hear about them or not.

We want to share anything from our favourite memories to small moments in our everyday lives. About things like: the 13 hour bus ride from hell in Laos; the first time we saw a Manta Ray; how we went from a backpacker romance to a serious relationship; that time we were stranded in the Outback overnight; or how one time I legit weed my pants because Will made me laugh too hard.






And maybe one day, when we’re 80, and we’re sitting in our favourite chairs in the nursing home, and we can barely remember what we had for breakfast, we might be able to look back and read these stories … that is if we can figure out how to use the internet 60 years from now.

Or maybe one of these stories will inspire someone else to finally take that trip they’ve been dreaming of.

Or, maybe we’ll just be able make someone laugh when they’re having a bad day.

First Story coming next Sunday!

One thought on “Sunday Stories

  1. Suzanne Allan says:

    I know you’ve had such amazing experiences and fun along the way , wouldn’t it be wonderful if you inspired others to be more adventurous too 🙂 xx


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