2019 New Years Resolution

New Years Eve has been big for us ever since we met. We’ve always tried to do something big or special, and watching fireworks is a MUST; I love fireworks, like so much so that its probably weird.

But I’ve personally never really been one to make new years resolutions, they never stick or usually get forgotten but 5 years ago we made one and we’ve managed to stick to it every year since.

5 New Years Eve’s ago, when we were living in Australia and spent New Years in Sydney, we made a resolution: Spend next New Years Eve somewhere different. And the following year we did, and we made the same resolution that year, and now each year since than we’ve spent New Years Eve somewhere new/different.

So far we’ve spent New Years Eve in:

Sydney, Australia 2014


Banff, Canada 2015


Edinburgh, Scotland 2016


Lethbridge, Canada 2017


And this year, Quebec City, Canada 2018


After spending this New Years in Quebec, we realized we’ve spent 3 out of 5 New Years Eve’s in Canada. This is totally ok because they were all in different places but this year we want a little change.

So this year, our New Years Resolution is:

To spend next New Years Eve somewhere different and in a new Country.

Any recommendations for fun places to spend the New Year, leave a comment!

We’d love to hear them!


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