Weekend Warriors: 38 hours in Yellowstone National Park

Last year (and by last year I mean 2018) we spent Canadian Thanksgiving driving down to the states to go to Yellowstone National Park. We literally had three days for this road trip, yeah, call us crazy, but we’ll always take advantage of a long weekend.

Our good friends, A Weekend Adventure, who were living in Banff, joined us in Lethbridge the Friday before the long weekend. On Saturday morning we all woke up before sunrise and headed south into Montana.

The drive from Lethbridge to Yellowstone took us 8 hours, so we got to the park by mid-afternoon. We took the evening and all day Sunday to explore the park and than headed back home on Monday morning. It was a long drive for such a short amount of time, but it was 100% worth it! We all still talk about it now.

Instead of writing about the weekend I thought i’d just include our video for you all to watch.

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