Choeung Ke : A Sad Reminder of Cambodia’s History

Deep, hollow pits, like ragged, rough, scars lay empty in a once unscathed landscape. Chickens run around pecking at insects while birds chirp peacefully in the distance. If you only look up to the sky and surrounding trees you'd never be able to tell what horrible things happened here. Choeung Ek, the killing fields in … Continue reading Choeung Ke : A Sad Reminder of Cambodia’s History

Our Gibbon Experience

Situated a short drive from Huay Xai, Laos, there lies Nam Kan National Park. Designated a National Park in 2008, the area where the Gibbon Experience operates, helps protect against illegal logging, poaching, destructive land use and more. The company employees are all Laos people (with the exception of a few foreigners), most of which … Continue reading Our Gibbon Experience