Our next full time Adventure

Its official and we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves any longer.


After Asia we will be continuing our what country next attitudes and moving to England. My two-year work visa has just been approved and we couldn’t be more excited.

Some of you may be wondering, “Why England?” well it definitely wasn’t because of the weather! We struggled with this decision for a while, wavering between extending our visas here in New Zealand or moving on to somewhere new. It wasn’t easy and it didn’t help that we are two of the most indecisive people you’ll ever meet but eventually we settled on England and for many reasons.

Its been a dream of mine since I was a child, to live somewhere European, somewhere that wasn’t so… new, where the buildings weren’t built sometime in the past 100 years, somewhere that just felt different. And with Europe a stones throw away, the possibilities are endless. Transport prices are cheap, whether it be flights, trains, or a ferry. Plus, weekend road trips into a whole other country will now be a possibility. Skiing in Austria, sure! Weekend getaway to Paris, why not?! Spend the day in Amsterdam, sign me up! Spontaneous trip to Scotland, yes please! All this and more will be at our fingertips! What more can travel addicts ask for! Plus we know that backpacking through Europe will be our next big trip so where’s a better place to settle down and save money than England.

Our decision also came down to time and money. Had we stayed and extended our time in New Zealand we would have only been given another 11 months, five of those would have been spent in Asia, leaving us with only 6 extra months in total. This would have been ok had we not had to pay about $1600 NZD for medical certificates, which is required when extending any visa in New Zealand. So for the time we were getting we didn’t think it was worth the money. That being said, I spent about the same amount to get my UK visa, but at least I get two years out of it. (An advice piece on applying for a UK work visa coming soon.)

With Will returning to his home country, the idea of going home hangs over our heads, and we do have reservations. People are already expecting us to go back to all the familiar things of home, this makes it sound like our time abroad is over and we’ll be damned if that’s the case. We’ve already made a pact to not make it feel as though we’ve finished traveling and gone home. Our number one rule is 9-5 jobs only. This might seem unrealistic but my dad is always reminding me that the whole point of a working holiday is to actually have holidays and having weekends free will be a major factor. There is so much to see and do in the UK and I don’t want to miss anything. In New Zealand most of our weekends we spent exploring the area we were in. We were still travellers, and is that not our job as travellers? To explore the world around us? England will be no exception. Even though we may settle in Yorkshire so that we can visit family and friends easily, part of a new adventure is experiencing new things and for that to work Will doesn’t want to return to the comfort of home. This might not be a new country for him but it is for me and we will make it a new adventure for both of us.  

Needless to say, we are excited for the new change. Queenstown is the longest we’ve stayed anywhere since coming abroad and we’ve become comfortable here in New Zealand, which to me is a good reason to leave. Comfort does not make for great adventure. So its time to break the comfort bubble we’ve formed and throw ourselves in the deep end once again.

A couple of people have already said, “Well there goes your Endless Summer.” but that’s not the case, not even a little. We may be leaving a side of the world where summer is everlasting, but as long as we stay in the mind-set of summer, where we are still free, still have carefree adventures, still having nights we never want to end and days we’ll never forget, where our money still goes to funding future adventures, our summer never really ends. And that is the whole point of what we’re doing and what we’re trying to write about. 

The whole ambience of summer never has to end. People just seem to think it does and so they let it. We’re going to keep the adventures happening, keep making memories we’ll never forget, no matter what weather comes our way.

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