Did someone say new carry-on?

Nope, it's not a new suitcase, backpack or a puppy (sad face). We've tested positive and it wasn't for Covid! Yep, our middle seat occupier and teeny world traveller is arriving this summer! Our newest carry-on arrives August 2021. Oh yeah, and it's a boy! We announced this next adventure months ago, but i'm only … Continue reading Did someone say new carry-on?

Isolation Station: Our Favourite Binge-Worthy TV Shows on Netflix

Hello out there. Anyone going stir crazy yet? I've been in isolation for two weeks now. I started self-isolating when I landed back in the UK on March 11th. It was just to err on the side of caution since I had just flown internationally and we were going to be around people at high-risk … Continue reading Isolation Station: Our Favourite Binge-Worthy TV Shows on Netflix

Why We’re Still in Manitoba

This post is going to be more on the personal side. I've been trying to decided whether or not to write this post and go public with what we're dealing with right now. I figured that if there was any place to write about it, it would be right here on the blog; where we … Continue reading Why We’re Still in Manitoba

Inspire Your Travel Bug

It's funny how a song can bring back so many memories. I had been having a bad day a few days ago, I was tired of the heat and constant sweating, annoyed at the quality of the wifi in Laos (I had missed Mother's Day and wasn't able to talk to my parents properly in … Continue reading Inspire Your Travel Bug

Our next full time Adventure

Its official and we just couldn't keep it to ourselves any longer. After Asia we will be continuing our what country next attitudes and moving to England. My two-year work visa has just been approved and we couldn't be more excited. Some of you may be wondering, "Why England?” well it definitely wasn't because of the weather! … Continue reading Our next full time Adventure

Our most used travel Apps

You know you've become a hardcore traveler when you have more travel apps on your phone then anything else. So we've put together a list some of our favourite and most used apps on our phones. Skyscanner: I'm sure we've all heard of Skyscanner, Kayak, and Cheap-o-air, but there’s a trick. Use this app to … Continue reading Our most used travel Apps

The Road so far

Our year in New Zealand was a hasty decision made by two people who weren't ready to retire their backpacks.  Rewind 10 months ago, Its June 2015 and we were sitting in the Peterpans shop in Cairns, Australia panicking on what to do next. We had applied for our second year in Australia, which was … Continue reading The Road so far