Did someone say new carry-on?

Nope, it’s not a new suitcase, backpack or a puppy (sad face). We’ve tested positive and it wasn’t for Covid! Yep, our middle seat occupier and teeny world traveller is arriving this summer!



Our newest carry-on arrives August 2021.

Oh yeah, and it’s a boy!





{ Huge thank you to our really good friend Mikey for capturing these gender reveal shots! }

We announced this next adventure months ago, but i’m only just getting around to writing about it. I played with the idea of just leaving it alone since the moment is pretty well passed, but I decided to post it anyway because, well, why the hell not. We want to have things to look back at, and I think this is a pretty big milestone not to miss 🙂

Our travelling days are far from over, although maybe put on hold, but not because of the baby. Covid still has a lot of countries borders shut and it just doesn’t feel responsible to head out travelling again just yet, at least not internationally. I suppose some might say its as good a time as any to start our little family and we can’t disagree. So the plan for the time being? Build our van. Bring our little guy into the world. Live in the van around England, Scotland, possibly Ireland and hopefully parts of Europe. And then head international when its safer to do so!

We can’t wait to show this little one the world.

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