Eyes in the Skies: The Pilot Post

Seeing as we fly so much during our travels; and having racked up some serious milliage (roughly 164, 847.48 to be exact), we’ve decided to start a blog series characterizing our experiences with every airline we fly with. Whether it’s a budget flight to Brussels with Ryan Air, or a more costly flight with Emirates to Australia. And with so many airlines out there, hopefully these posts can become a go to for anyone struggling to choose who is best to fly with.

Episode #1: Venturing with Vueling



Included in Fair:img_3343

  • Desk Check In
  • 1 x Carry-On Bag, 1 x Hand Luggage

In-Flight Entertainment:

  • None


  • Variety of snacks, sandwiches and drinks available for a (inflated) price.
  • Cash and Credit Card accepted.

Extra Baggage: 


Seat Selection Prices:



  • Or free randomly selected seats

{ Absolutely no leg room! }

Cancellation Policy:

  • Basic Fare:
    • Non-refundable/No cancellation option
    • 50.00 Euros to change details or date/time
  • Optima Fare:
    • Non-refundable/No cancellation option
    • Free to change details or date/time
  • Excellence Fare:
    • Refundable/changeable (excluding credit card fees) up to 2 hours before departure
    • Free to change details/time


Overall it was a budget airline and we got what we paid for. Our only real quarrels were the amount of leg room and space between seats, or lack there of and with the staff on the plane. We were delayed by about 30 minutes and not once did any staff or pilots give us any information as to why we were sat on the plane not going anywhere. Other than that and the fact that our knees stuck in the back of the chair in front of us, check-in was smooth and quick and the staff were friendly, boarding was fast, and although we had to pay for food and drinks, the quality and selection seemed decent. All in all we probably wouldn’t choose to fly with Vueling again, there are much better budget airlines out there. However, in the event Vueling is considerably cheapest, we may use them again.


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