Flying into Canada during Covid-19

We recently made our way over to Canada to get ready for our little guy to make his appearence but this meant having to jump through a few hoops and travel restrictions/requirements. Currently Canada's borders are shut to international travel. You can fly into Canada for very few reasons, one of them being returning home … Continue reading Flying into Canada during Covid-19

8 Unusual Things to do in Berlin

Berlin, a city perfect for anyone not wanting to be part of the norm. We're always on the look out for unique things to do. We like to be travellers, not tourists; although in some places that line can definitely get blurred, but that just comes with the nature of some places. Even though we … Continue reading 8 Unusual Things to do in Berlin

A Day in Paris 

Summer time in Paris is busy, crowded and expensive. A lot of people recommend booking a lot of things in advance, however, that's just not like us at all. We are definitely the type of people who make last-minute decisions and like the idea of 'winging it'. So, when we got to Paris, surprise surprise, … Continue reading A Day in Paris 

Weekend Warriors: Alicante

Once again we've started a new blog series. Recently we've booked several trips to Europe and around the UK for over the next few months and decided to turn our galivants into a series of blog posts. The posts will include What to Do, Where to Eat, and Where we Stayed, and will more or less … Continue reading Weekend Warriors: Alicante

Eyes in the Skies: The Pilot Post

Seeing as we fly so much during our travels; and having racked up some serious milliage (roughly 164, 847.48 to be exact), we've decided to start a blog series characterizing our experiences with every airline we fly with. Whether it's a budget flight to Brussels with Ryan Air, or a more costly flight with Emirates … Continue reading Eyes in the Skies: The Pilot Post

Inspire Your Travel Bug

It's funny how a song can bring back so many memories. I had been having a bad day a few days ago, I was tired of the heat and constant sweating, annoyed at the quality of the wifi in Laos (I had missed Mother's Day and wasn't able to talk to my parents properly in … Continue reading Inspire Your Travel Bug

In Honour of Earth Day

It was earth day yesterday, which got me thinking about our ecological and carbon footprints as travellers. We make pretty big impacts on the environment, from the amount of flights we take to all the bottled water we drink in countries where we can’t drink the tap water. What do you think happens to all … Continue reading In Honour of Earth Day

Don’t let the Bed Bugs bite: How to find them and How to deal with them.

  Bed bugs; you'd be surprised at the amount of travellers who haven't heard of them and the ones who have usually don't know what they look like or what to do about them. We've run into them several times during our travels, it's inevitable really, if you're budget travelling, and once you get them, they … Continue reading Don’t let the Bed Bugs bite: How to find them and How to deal with them.

Back up. Back up. Back up.

As travellers all we have of our adventures are the memories and 50 years from now all we’ll have of those memories are the photos and videos we take. Back up, back up, back up, the three rules my dad has always told me when it came to saving photos and files; this is also the … Continue reading Back up. Back up. Back up.