8 Unusual Things to do in Berlin

Berlin, a city perfect for anyone not wanting to be part of the norm.

We’re always on the look out for unique things to do. We like to be travellers, not tourists; although in some places that line can definitely get blurred, but that just comes with the nature of some places.

Even though we didn’t get to everything on this list, we definitely would have if we had had more time or had we heard about them before leaving Berlin.

1. Park Templehof


{ Photo Credit: GrunBerlin }

This park was once a busy airport, but after being closed it’s now been turned into a park for the public with the Tarmac and runways still in tact.

2. Hotrod City Tour

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 10.28.14 AM

{ Apologies for photo quality, we took a still from one of our videos. }

Want a different way of exploring the city? Why not explore it in a tiny hot rod? What other city have you had this option?

3. Badeschiff


{ Photo Credit: awol.junkee.com }

What other city can you swim in a barge hull turned pool that’s floating in a river? Did we mention that the river bank is a beach where you can relax on the sand? We think that’s definitely worth checking out on a hot summers day.

4. Abandoned Radomes


{ Photo Credit: here }

This abandoned cold war spy station was high on our list of things to do in Berlin. But after finding out that once you get to Teufelsberg it’s a 30 minute hike to the Radomes, we decided to save it for another time. Normally, we’d never shy away from such a short hike but with Will still recovering from his knee surgery we decided putting his knee under that stress probably wasn’t for the best. We’ve still got a long road ahead of us after all.

5. Hipster Escape Room


{ Photo Credit: Here }

Yes, we’re being completely serious. Hipster Escape Party challenges you to escape from a Hipster Apartment in under 60 minutes. Can you do it?

6. Dine in the Dark


If you’re looking for a unique date night, look no further. Unsicht Bar, is the perfect place to get out of your comfort zone. After choosing between chicken, beef, fish or vegetarian, you are escorted into the pitch black dining room by your blind or visually impaired waiter. Seriously, it’s so dark you can’t see your hand in front of your face the whole time. You have no idea what you are getting on your plate (other than what main you chose) until you taste it. It’s not until you finish your meal and leave the dining room that you can read what you’ve actually eaten. Trying to navigate your plate with a knife and fork is definitely a challenge, at one point Will even stuck a carrot up his nose! I think we must have been the loudest ones in there because we could not stop laughing.

7. Karaoke in Mauerpark on a Sunday


If you really want to see what the locals get up to on a Sunday afternoon, head over to Mauerpark. Along with a flea market and food stalls, there is an amphitheater (of sorts) where they seem to set up Karaoke/open mic. We are at a loss for words at how to describe it, it was just … awesome. Definitely check it out for yourself.

8. Create Your Own Custom Ritter Sport Chocolate Bar


{ Photo Credit: reflectionsenroute.com }

We didn’t find out about this until after we left Berlin, otherwise we would have been all up in it. Ritter Sport with corn flakes is actually one of my favourite chocolates but rarely get it because of how expensive it is. But I definitely would have coughed up some euros to make my own bar of chocolatey goodness. It would have been full of cornflakes, rice crispies and probably some sort of peanut butter.  What would you put in yours?



 Know of anything else To Do in Berlin that is out of the ordinary? Comment below, we’d love to add it to our list for next time!

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