Friday Favourites

1. Seeing Afrojack for free in Warsaw


This was absolutely pure luck. We happened to be in Warsaw for the first day of summer, which also happens to be a big thing in Poland/Europe, celebrating the first day of summer. Each place seems to celebrate with a small festival live music, food stalls, market stalls, and so on. Warsaw’s is called Wianki nad Wista and this year they had Afrojack as their closing performer. Check out our last Vlog to see some clips of the show.

2. Bors


O.M.G seriously THE BEST sandwiches ever! Even possibly better the Fresh Foods (Wills all time favourite lunch spot), and that’s a very, very big statement coming from Will. Bors is probably one of the best places we’ve eaten ever! It’s not local food, it’s just a small shop with about four seats inside, they do baguette sandwiches, gourmet soups (Will had Thai pork and I had creamy cauliflower with vanilla bean), and salads. You have to some here if you’re ever in Budapest.

3. Szechenyi Bath in Budapest


Surprisingly this was super relaxing. Szechenyi is the most famous bath in Budapest, it’s the one you’ve probably seen all the photos of. We saved it for our last day in Budapest and it was just what we needed. It had been so hot while we were there, and yes, I know what you might be thinking – why would we want to go get into a thermal pool when its 30 degrees outside? But they actually have pools with different temperatures, so we went and sat in the cool one. It was perfect.

4. Starring Places on Google Maps


I don’t know why we’ve never thought of this before but one of our roommates from our last hostel showed us this. We always knew you could star places on Google Maps but we never thought of doing it as we go along in our travels. So now, whenever we go to a new place we star it. And if we find a place we want to go later on we flag it as a ‘Want To Go’, which then leaves a little green flag. It’s such a cool idea to track where you’ve been on your phone.

5. Cheap meals at Gospoda KoKo


{ We were so excited to eat that we forgot to take a photo of the meal, but this is one of their windows. }

We always always love a bargain, so when the girl at our hostel in Krakow suggested this place as a good, cheap, locals place to eat, we immediately headed there. We were not disappointed. For 14 zlotys, which is equivalent to 3.30 euros or $4.85 CAN; you got to choose a soup, a main and either potatoes or fries, and then a side (options being a range of salads). And the portion sizes were large compared to how much we paid.

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