Friday Favourites

So this week we went to Berlin! We were there for 5 days after leaving Frankfurt. We got up to quite a lot which you can see if you watch our Berlin Vlog coming soon on our YouTube channel. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are our 5 favourite things this week.

1. Orange flavoured Cola


There are multiple brands to choose from, but they all taste relatively just as delicious as the next. I just happened to stumble across this marvellous drink, Bry and I had actually just been to MauerPark, we’d been walking around a lot, taking in the delights that Sunday afternoon Berlin has to offer. On the way home, we were both quite parched, so we stopped off in a local späti to get a cold drink. Now when it comes to picking non alcoholic drinks, generally I’m quite picky. I like the idea of drinking all kinds of flavours but most of the time I don’t really want anything fizzy. Which narrows it down considerably, so I end up just getting a fizzy drink. I saw this ‘Afri-Cola’ sat next to the infamous red can cola and thought, “I’ll give the unknown guy a try” because I like saving the world, small decisions at a time. IT’S SO GOOD! I’m not really sure what other flavour is in it, whether it’s lemony or an orange taste, but it’s beautifully refreshing. There are a few other ‘orange-cola’ flavoured drinks in Germany, that we’ve come across. It seems a strange concept but it really isn’t. Well worth a try next time you visit.

2. Dine in The Dark @ Unsicht-Bar Berlin


Hidden away from the main road, with just a small sign advertising its location, is a very interesting food experience. Dining in the dark if you’ve never tried it, which we hadn’t until this week, is a very surreal experience. You take for granted being able to see absolutely everything from getting sat down at your table to actually being able to pick up your food and get it in your mouth! Needless to say, we had a lot of fun here, laughing at me accidentally sticking a carrot in my nose, feeling around our plates with our fingers, and using our taste buds to try and figure out what we were eating because you don’t find out until after. You choose the theme of your dishes, so fish/beef/poultry or vegetarian, and the menu says stuff like “Ashamed the fine lady is covered with golden cloth, admired by devotees from around the world” (Main course beef), it really is like food roulette. It was a great Date Night and unique experience. We highly recommend trying it at least once.

3. Berlin Wall Panorama Exhibit by Asisi 



At first we hummed and hawed about whether or no to pay to go in (we’re very stingy with what we spend money on) but in the end decided to do it and we’re so glad we did. It is one thing to visit parts of The Wall still left standing, but to actually try and imagine what it would have been like when the Wall was a functioning barrier between east and west is nearly impossible. But that is what Asisi’s exhibit tries to do. The main part of the exhibit is a 360 degree, life size, panorama photo of what it would have looked like to stand on a couple meter high platform and peer over the wall, looking from West (Freedom) to East (Communism). People died trying to get over the Wall and here we are, going from East to West by simply crossing a street.

4. Breakfast at Cafe Godot


This was probably one of the best breakfasts we’ve had, or at least it’s definitely up there on the list. It was a simple European breakfast but just really well done. We chose two different options, I got one with cold cut meats, cheese, fruit and a basket of two bread buns and a croissant and Bry got a smaller breakfast of two croissants, fresh fruits and jams. What really did it for us though was the fact that the croissants came out warm and were most likely baked fresh minutes before.

5. Mauerpark



The best way to describe Mauerpark is it is the epitome of Berlin. Everything that is Berlin in one spot; a park full of diverse, alternative, like minded people, all enjoying different things. Sundays is the best time to go, locals flock to the park to enjoy buskers, the sunshine and the flee market. If you want to see what local life is like, this is the place to experience it. It’s amazing!

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