Friday Favourites 

1. Derby Chocolate Bars  Hands down the best chocolate we've ever found abroad. And we've just discovered today that there are different varieties!   2. Greek Yogurt Bar  Just like a frozen yogurt bar where you can choose your own toppings except with fresh, traditional Greek yogurt. I like mine with black cherry compote   … Continue reading Friday Favourites 

Friday Favourites

So this week we went to Berlin! We were there for 5 days after leaving Frankfurt. We got up to quite a lot which you can see if you watch our Berlin Vlog coming soon on our YouTube channel. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are our 5 favourite things this week. … Continue reading Friday Favourites

All About The Ears

We can't forget that Walt Disney once said "Always remember that this whole thing started with a dream and a mouse." So it's only right for there to be Mickey shaped everything, especially foods, in the Disney parks. So we went on a hunt for everything we could find that came with ears and this … Continue reading All About The Ears

Bigger and Better in Germany

You already know the beer in Germany comes bigger and better then usual, but what else comes big in Germany? Let us show you! Pretzels Every tent has people walking around selling these for about 4.00 Euros. Cookies Stalls everywhere sell these gingerbread type cookies. Price range varries depending on size but on average run … Continue reading Bigger and Better in Germany