All About The Ears


We can’t forget that Walt Disney once said “Always remember that this whole thing started with a dream and a mouse.” So it’s only right for there to be Mickey shaped everything, especially foods, in the Disney parks. So we went on a hunt for everything we could find that came with ears and this is what we could find (NOTE: Some photos below are not ours. We knew the treats existed however we never got around to trying them but wanted to include them in our list anyway.)

Caramel Apples


 Marcelines Confectionary – Downtown Disney

Rice Crispy Treats

Marcelines Confectionary – Downtown Disney, Jolly Holiday Bakery – Main Street USA

Cake Pops


Marcelines Confectionary – Downtown Disney



{ Photo Credit: }

Carnation Cafe – Main Street USA, Disneyland LA



{ Photo Credit: }

Multiple stalls throughout Disney Parks



Marcelines Confectionary – Downtown Disney

Ice Cream


{ Photo Credit: }

Multiple stalls throughout Disney Parks



{ Photo Credit: }

Mint Julep Bar – Orleans Square, Cafe Orleans – Orleans Square

Anything we missed? Let us know, comment below! We’d love to know for next time!

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