Bigger and Better in Germany

You already know the beer in Germany comes bigger and better then usual, but what else comes big in Germany? Let us show you!



Every tent has people walking around selling these for about 4.00 Euros.




Stalls everywhere sell these gingerbread type cookies. Price range varries depending on size but on average run from 4.00 – 50.00 Euros. Be sure to ask around about prices before caughing up that precious beer money.


1/2 Meter Long Sausages


{ Easily shared between five people. }

Pork Knuckle 

{ Not the best photo but somehow the only one we’ve got. Maybe we were just too excited about eating it to take a decent photo. }

Easily the size of your fist, if not bigger depending on your fist size, this was our favourite dish while in Munich. We even saw some about as big as Wills head! (And he has a big head!). Served in most tents at the festival for about 15.00 Euros, but you can also get them in most restaurants outside of the festival. And the best part? The massive piece of crackling that comes with it! *Excuse me while I drool a little.*

There you have it, our list of all the  things that come unusually large in Germany at Octoberfest. 


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