Friday Favourites 

1. Derby Chocolate Bars 


Hands down the best chocolate we’ve ever found abroad. And we’ve just discovered today that there are different varieties!


2. Greek Yogurt Bar 


Just like a frozen yogurt bar where you can choose your own toppings except with fresh, traditional Greek yogurt. I like mine with black cherry compote


3. The Acropolis 


Another check off the Bucket List


4. Polar Steps App 


This is the coolest app we’ve found in a long time. We heard about it from a guy we met in one of our hostels, and it’s proving quite useful. We like to keep track of our total amount of kms we’ve covered since we started travelling and this app can do it for you.


5. The food in Greece. 


O.M.G. The tzatziki, the gyros, the fresh Greek salads, the souvlaki, we are in heaven!

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