The Next Adventure


It’s that time again! We’re off on another adventure! Not that we ever really stopped travelling while living here in England but it’s time to shake the dust off our backpacks and put our lives back on our backs. We’ve saved up for the last few months so now it’s back on the road, back to budgeting and penny pinching, hostel life and backpackers life, new people and new places; everything we’re good at, and everything we love.

So, Where are we off to now?



As far across Europe as we can get before our money runs out.

We’ll be honest with you though, we have no where near enough savings to make it the 3-4 months we are aiming for, but with Will’s European passport, it is in the back of our minds that if work were to come up along the way, he’d take it.

We have a few other ways to keep the money going a little farther, one of which is our mode of transport. As much as we’d love to do the whole Europe by train thing, we’ve figured out that buses are going to be how we get around; most of the time they’re up to 1/4 of the price of train tickets.

For accommodation, Hostels are sadly becoming more and more expensive as backpacking is becoming more and more popular. Especially with two of us, the price of two beds in a hostel for one night can sometimes be the same price as a hotel. How stupidly crazy is that? News flash Hostel owners, hostels are meant to save people money!

All of that aside we will still be staying in hostels as that is a big part of the backpacking world and we do really enjoy staying in them. We’ll just be staying out of the big cities on weekends or holidays which should save us a bit of money. A lot of hostels increase they’re room prices by as much as $20.00 on Fridays and Saturdays.

We’ll also be using Worldpackers, a website that allows travellers to exchange their skills/work for accommodation, and sometimes meals, and more. They have jobs all over the world and would be perfect for us if we found a place/area we wouldn’t mind staying in for a while. It would allow us to explore an area without having to worry about paying for accommodation.

And so with that, it really is back to budgeting, for us. That means: cheap hostels/hotels/bnbs, 30p instant noodle dinners, and not a whole load of drinking/partying. Is it weird to say we’re excited for all that?

If you want to stay up to date with where we are and what we’re doing, you can follow along here on the blog, follow us on Instagram to watch our live stories, or tune into our youtube channel where we’ll soon be posting weekly videos.

Follow along with our adventure!

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Untitled design (1)takemetravelling

*New Vlogs coming soon!*

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