Friday Favourites 

To recap, we left England on Monday for Paris by bus. We spent Tuesday and Wednesday exploring the city. Thursday we spent on another bus travelling from Paris to Frankfurt. And today/Friday we are in Frankfurt and have just booked an onward bus for tomorrow (Saturday). Stay tuned to see where we’re heading next!

But for now here are a few of our favourite things from this week.

1. Picnic/Date night at the Eiffel Tower



This was definitely one of those times we’ll remember for ages. We had spent the whole day walking around Paris, seeing everything we wanted to see and by the time we were finished we weren’t too far from the Eiffel Tower. So we found a supermarket, grabbed a baguette, some meat and cheese, and a couple drinks and headed back to the tower. It’s definitely one of those things you have to do when in Paris. We grabbed a spot at the top of the water feature with the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower and just relaxed. It was the perfect end to the day. To top it all off just as we were packing up the first light show went off. It was perfect.

2. Finding the original Love Lock bridge 




Unfortunately the original Love Lock Bridge collapsed from the weight of all the locks and has been replaced with another one that you can no longer put locks on. But luckily, only a few minutes walk from the original, in a small square on the Notre Dame side of the river, they’ve set up what was left of the bridge. It was great to see that they didn’t just throw all those locks/memories away. We even found locks from 1998!

3. Seeing the Mona Lisa


I’ve not seen the Mona before, so I think I just wanted to see it for the sake of being able to say I’ve seen it. It’s one of the favourites this week because we did exactly that. We got to tick one of those must see things off of our list and that’s always a good feeling. – Will


4. Top of the Arc de Triomphe



We didn’t realize you can actually go to the top of the Arc until the day we got there and the view from the top is well worth the climb. You can see straight down the Champs-Elysees and surrounding streets, plus it’s a different view of the Eiffel Tower and gives you more perspective of how big it really is.

5. Actually starting our Europe Trip


We think the best part of our whole week was packing our bags on Sunday and actually starting our trip on Monday. It’s been a long time coming and we’re super stoked to be back on the road.

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