Europe So Far: Days 1 – 27

As I am writing this we are on a night train to Bucharest, Romania. it's late, we're getting ready for bed and I am realizing how far behind on the blog I am. So let me catch you up on our trip. So far, we've covered 5 Countries, none of which we've gotten passport stamps … Continue reading Europe So Far: Days 1 – 27

A Day in Paris 

Summer time in Paris is busy, crowded and expensive. A lot of people recommend booking a lot of things in advance, however, that's just not like us at all. We are definitely the type of people who make last-minute decisions and like the idea of 'winging it'. So, when we got to Paris, surprise surprise, … Continue reading A Day in Paris 

Friday Favourites 

To recap, we left England on Monday for Paris by bus. We spent Tuesday and Wednesday exploring the city. Thursday we spent on another bus travelling from Paris to Frankfurt. And today/Friday we are in Frankfurt and have just booked an onward bus for tomorrow (Saturday). Stay tuned to see where we're heading next! But for … Continue reading Friday Favourites