Why We Moved to Canada

Canada, a country full of gorgeous mountains, a shit ton of snow, beautiful national parks, bears, moose and beavers, people who say sorry wayyyy too much and are overly invested in their hockey teams, poutine, maple syrup, Tim Hortons and A&W, domestic flights that cost an arm and a leg (no joke), and a Prime Minister the whole world seems to be swooning over.


As most of you already know, we recently made the move across the pond and have now set ourselves up here in Canada. We frequently get asked why we chose to move to here and the answer is never short. We chose to come to Canada for many different reasons, but here are the our main three.

We wanted to be somewhere where we could start putting down some roots, and start investing in ourselves and our future.


  • Because Canada is where we’d like to settle down and build a life eventually, we thought it was only right to come here next so we can start (slowly) putting down some roots.
  • We also don’t want to be those millennials who only “lived in the moment” and didn’t think about our future. We don’t want to hit 60 with no retirement fund, no savings, and end up working at Wal-Mart because we “YOLO’d” too much when we were young.
  • One thing we are told a lot by people much older than us is to do it all while we’re young and to have no regrets, but to also balance that with planning for our future. Because like it or not, we won’t always be this young, and our 60-year-old selves will be wishing we planned a little more long-term.

The next big trip we want to do has to do with North America


  • We always choose our next country based on where we want to travel next and what’s next for us is a big North American road trip; from the furthest North in Canada that we can drive, to coast to coast in both Canada and the states. Mind you, it won’t be until mid to late 2019, if all goes well, but it’s in the plans and it’s going to be epic.
  • Aside from our big North American road trip, we have tons of other travel plans in mind for places like Hawaii, the States, South America and remote parts of Canada.

It was next on the list of places we wanted to live


  • When we were deciding on where to go after New Zealand, it was between England and Canada. I wanted to go to England, Will wanted to go to Canada. We compromised and said that if we went to England first, we’d go to Canada after.
  • Canada has almost everything we love and look for in a place to visit/live: great things to do outdoors, beautiful national parks, wildlife, city escapes, top skiing/snowboarding destinations, as well as places where we can get away to the ocean. It just seemed to be the next logical destination.


Our Canadian adventure is just beginning, and we can’t wait to see how the next few years turn out. We’ve got our fingers, toes, arms and legs all crossed for Will’s Canadian visa, loads of local adventures in the works, and exciting plans for exploring neighbouring parts of Canada.

Have you just returned home from a year or more abroad? We’re currently writing a post about what it’s like returning home after a long stent abroad and would love to know if we’re not the only ones feeling how we’re feeling about it. So we’d love to hear about why you chose to return home, how its been, and anything else related


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