What 2018 Will Look Like For Us

2018 already? Anyone else wondering where 2017 went? This past year has absolutely flown by for us! But we did manage to pack in a lot of amazing things into it.

Here are our stats for 2017:

                                              Countries: 17                        Cities: 31

                                               Islands: 9                              Flights: 12

                                               Trains: 5                                Buses: 17

                                               Road Trips: 2                       Ferries: 11

Bucketlist Items: 6

Total Km Travelled: 25, 057 (give or take a few)

2017 was another great year in our books, another year full of new adventures and new countries. It marked 3.5 years of travelling the world together, hopping country to country, working our way through our Bucket List. But with a new year comes new things and this year is going to be quite different.

2018 will be a year we spend saving for 2019. We have so many plans for that year, that we know we need to buckle down and save up for a while. We’re calling 2018 our Gap Year of sorts. Yeah, we know, most people take gap years and go travelling, not stop travelling. But for us, since we’ve spent the last (nearly) 4 years travelling, and now we’re taking a break, it really is like a gap year from our backpacker lifestyle. We won’t be doing any international travels, going on an any big trips, and won’t be on the move nearly as much as we have been in the past.

As you know, we’re in the process of applying for Will to be able to stay here in Canada long-term as this is where we’d like to start putting down some roots. With that comes some terms, and one of them is that Will cannot leave the country until there is a decision made on the visa. So, no international travel for us for a while…. Excuse me while we mourn for our passports that won’t be getting any new stamps this year.

* A moment of silence for the passports *

We’re not letting that get us down though! There is so much Canada has to offer, so we might as well take advantage of it while we’re here. Because if there is one thing we have learned while travelling, it’s to not wish away your time, it goes by too fast as it is. Even if you’re just killing time until better days, spend that time doing things that makes your soul happy. Because one day you’re going to wish for those days back. Life is too short to spend your time unhappy. And since we live pretty close to some amazing places, we plan on doing anything and everything we can, that makes our nomadic souls feel content. From skiing some the best ski hills, to hiking in the Rocky Mountains, to hanging out in some of Canada’s big cities. Because even though we’ve once again moved back to one of our home countries, it doesn’t mean our travelling ways are over.

So what exactly does all this mean for 2018? It means:

No international trips

Exploring Canada


Working a LOT

We’re excited for this new year and our new adventure. It will definitely be quite the change for us, but we are looking forward to working towards and achieving all the things we’ve set out to do this year.


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