Life Update!

Hey, hello, hi! We’re still here, travelling, exploring, and binge watching Netflix when were not.

I know we haven’t been posting much in a while…. well we haven’t really posted anything in ages! But were still here! So here comes a life update. Not interested? Thats ok! We’ll be back to posting about our travels and adventures soon enough. But for now here are 5 life updates.

 1. We’ve moved! … Back to England



Long story short, Canada was not what we had intended. Things didn’t go to plan and thats ok. We also missed our people back in England, and we missed the ease and cheapness of travelling from the UK. Canada was very expensive to get around, and to get out of; flights around the country can start anywhere around the $300 mark per person, and flights out of Canada can range from a couple hundred to a couple thousand, definitely NOT in our price range. So we took a long look as what we wanted and decided moving back in England was what would give us the most opportunities that we are wanting.

2. We’ve switched to a mostly Plant-based diet



We like to say plant-based and not vegan because we still eat some animal products sometimes. For while we had complete gone vegan, but I was having stomach issues for a while. I started to think it was some ingredient in overly processed food, because for the last couple months we’ve been eating a mostly whole food diet, no processed foods, including imitation cheese and meat, and I have been fine.

This means that when we want to have something with cheese, we’ll buy a small amount of real cheese instead of the fake imitation dairy free cheese, and when we want to add some meat to something we’ll either leave it out completely or buy organic, local and sustainably source chicken or fish.

Some people may give us crap for this and think, either go vegan or don’t, there is no middle ground but for now this is what works for us. We know and strongly agree that animal products in all regards, are harmful to the environment. We also believe in the science behind a plant-based diet being better and healthier for our bodies. This is why we’ll never go back to eating animal products like we did.

3. We finally did The Yacht Week and Ultra Europe!



{ Photo Credit: The Yacht Week, @theyachtweek, #liveTYW }



{ Photo Credits: The Yacht Week, @theyachtweek, #liveTYW }


{ Photo Credit: The Yacht Week, @theyachtweek, #LiveTYW }


The Yacht Week and Ultra Europe has been on my bucket list since I was in Uni (and that was over 6 years ago!). We went in July and the week was incredible and everything I thought it would be. Ultra Europe, a week of island hoping, partying, and living on a yacht for a week? How could it not be! It was also our first real trip in a loooong time and it was great to be back at it. It was a good motivation for us to get back on the road/start taking more trips again.

4. We are applying for my Permanent Residence Visa here in England


We’re going through a similar process that we went through in Canada. This means a little more permanency than my previous UK visa. The process can take a little while and I can’t work while we wait, so in the mean time, Will is bringing home the bacon, and I am spending my time growing house plants, writing, and looking into getting my TEFL.

5. We’re planning another big trip for 2020


We’re thinking India, Bali, and maybe the Phillipines. It’s been a while since we took a big trip, Canada was expensive to get out of or to get around, and it took a lot of our funds to move to England. So we’re hoping 2020 will be the year we get back on the road! We’ve been trying to get to Bali for a little while now, and it just hasn’t happened. India just kinda came up in conversation one day, and since then I couldn’t stop thinking about going. The Phillipines has been on our list for ages now and we want to go somewhere new during this trip, plus seeing whale sharks is a dream of ours and one of the best places to see them is in the Phillipines, so we figured it’d be a good a time as any, since we’ll sorta be in that area anyway.

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