Top Things To Do in Dubrovnik (Cost Included)

Watch Sunset from the top of the Gondola





We just happened to stumble on this spot at the top of the gondola, from everything we had read on things to do in Dubrovnik, this wasn’t on any of the lists. Once you’re at the top, don’t stay around where everyone else is.

If you’ve taken the gondola up, than find your way to the road. Once at the road and your looking out towards the mountains and not the ocean. Turn left and walk up the hill, past the buildings, and just sorta keep wandering ahead of you. You should see a bunch of other people heading that way or already there. You’ll know when you get there, the view will tell you.

We recommend taking a bottle of wine or a few drinks, maybe even a picnic if you feel like putting one together. Now just pick you own little spot and enjoy the show.

Game of Thrones Walking Tour

150 HKR




Obvious, I know, but is just one of those things that is on every list. The first time we were in Dubrovnik, we never got around to doing a GoT tour and we really wish we had. So this time we weren’t missing one. We found a company close to the main fountain that did one for 150 HKR. The tour was 2 hours long and included a visit to Fort Lovrijenac (which is also on this list). There was no need for pre-booking, we just showed up about 10 minutes before the tour started and bought tickets.

History Walking Tour

90 HKR





There’s a lot more to Dubrovnik than Game of Thrones. With history dating back to the 6th century, we’d recommend everyone to do the quick 1 hour long Discover Dubrovnik walking tour. You’ll learn about its first settlements, to its history with Pirates and when/why the walls were built, to its more recent war. We used the same company that we did the GoT tour with. If you google maps TIC Dubrovnik Ltd you’ll find a tourist information spot, this is where we found both the Dubrovnik Walking Tour and the Game of Thrones Walking Tour. Either ask one of the people at the desk inside, or there is a schedule taped to the window near bottom right hand side, next to the entrance door.

Walk the Walls

200 HKR










This one is just an obvious Must-Do. The views are amazing, especially around the ocean side of the city. Make sure to stop off at one of the several cafes/bars and just sit and enjoy the view while taking a break. If you’re debating whether it’s worth the 200 HKR and thinking about skipping it, we think its worth it. Just make sure to try and do it as early as possible to a) skip the crowds, and b) avoid the heat of the day, there isn’t much shade once your on the walls.

Dubrovnik Cable Car

170 HKR



For amazing views of Dubrovnik from above, take the cable car. You’ll also get a great view of the surrounding mountains behind Dubrovnik. If you’re wondering if its worth spending the money, we think it is.

We went up for about 5:30/6:00pm and waited in line for maybe 5 minutes. During mid day we have seen the line up, and it gets pretty long!

Wake up early and have the city to yourself




On one of our days we got up super early and headed into the city for sunrise. It was about 5:30am and we pretty much had the city to ourselves. By 6am the shops were getting their deliveries and the city was slowly coming alive.

It’s almost a whole different city when you’ve got it to yourselves, and we’d recommend seeing it for yourself.

Fort Lovrijenac

50 HKR



If you’re planning on doing the Game of Thrones tour than hold off on Fort Lovrijenac because the tour does take you there anyway.

Another tip is that your ticket for the walls also covers entrance for the Fort. So if you’ve walked the walls before doing the Game of Thrones tour than make sure to keep your ticket from the walls, otherwise you’ll have to pay another 50 HKR to get into the Fort while on the tour.

If you’re not into doing the Game of Thrones tour, i’d still recommend visiting Fort Lovrijenac. You’ll get a great view of the city, and the walls and it’s just a cool thing to see as well.

Have you been to Dubrovnik? Got any other recommendations for what to do? Leave them in the comments below! 🙂


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