Friday Favourites

We started doing these posts way back when we were travelling Europe as a way to list some of our favourite things we were finding or experiencing during our trip. I’m not really sure why we stopped but I’d like to get back to posting them as a way to look at the week and think of the positive things rather than the negative. So, here are this week’s favourites.




{ Pictured from left to right: the vegan poutine (although it is more like nachos with chips), the Beyond ABC burger (with added BBQ sauce), and the Beyond the Rainbow burger }

We found this place in Edinburgh and it’s honestly some of the best vegan food we’ve ever had. The place is 100% vegan and they also do cakes and sweets, which we didn’t get a photo, sorry! They use Beyond Meat patties for their burgers which is amazing because those are our favourite plant-based burgers!





{ How cool is this old photo of Whitby Harbour, at least I’m assuming it’s a photo, it didn’t look like a painting. }

Last Thursday we visited Wills Dad+Family in Whitby while they were on holiday there for the week, and it was honestly one of the best nights. The evening was so warm and relaxing, and the sea was the calmest I’ve ever seen it in England (usually the seaside is pretty windy). I think Lockdown has definitely reminded us to stop and appreciate little moments, not just the big ones.




I’ve read a few books since reading this one last month, but this has by far been my favourite. Usually, I don’t read books if I’ve watched the movie first, simply because I already know what happens, but in this case, I am glad I made the exception. The book is about the tragedy that happened on Mount Everest in the 90s with Rob Halls team and Scott Fisher. The movie Everest in the film adaptation of Into Thin Air. Even though the movie sticks really tightly to the book, there is just so much detail that was missed. The story is heartbreaking but I’ve been recommending it to people ever since I finished it. I definitely have a friend’s recommendation to thank for this read, otherwise, I doubt I ever would have stumbled across it.





Definitely on our Favourites list this week is the most exciting thing that’s happened to us in a while — TANGO! Our bright ORANGE Mercedes Sprinter van! We’ve just recently bought it and we are ecstatic! We have plans to convert it into the campervan of our dreams and live out of it full time.

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