YES! You heard it, we FINALLY bought a van! We’ve been talking about buying a van and converting it to live in full time for YEARS! Probably even ever since we first met. We intended to finally get around to it while we were in Canada, but things didn’t work out for numerous reasons.

So, now with everything going on with Covid-19 and all of our travel plans cancelled and put on hold, we figured now was as good a time as any. We aren’t going anywhere any time soon, so it’s the perfect time to through ourselves into a new project. That, and we’ve really been struggling with not knowing what to do or what the future and the future of travel is going to look like. Everything is on hold and not having something to work towards at the moment has been hard. So we figure, why not finally start on our Vanlife Dream!

So here it is!

Our 2015 Mercedes Sprinter.






{ taken the day we brought it home }

We love it. We always talked about trying to find a van that wasn’t plain white, and well, this is probably the furthest from white we coulda got haha.

Tango is a long-wheelbase, high roof, 313 sprinter van. Having the 313 Sprinter instead of the 310 means we have more power, which we knew we wanted because of the weight we’ll eventually have in the van. We chose to look for a long-wheelbase because we knew the general layout we wanted. We plan to fit a fixed bed, a bathroom/wetroom, and a decent amount of counter space in the van, all of which would not be fitting in an MWB.

We have a huge project ahead of us, but we are so excited to finally be working towards this dream we’ve had for the longest time. Buying it was one accomplishment, building it is going to be another, and we cannot wait to see how it turns out!

We plan on getting back into making weekly videos and starting a van build series. So if you’re wanting to follow along with the van build I’ll link our YouTube below. We welcome any advice, tips, tricks, whatever you want to share!


Our YouTube Channel

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