Friday Favourites 

1. Derby Chocolate Bars  Hands down the best chocolate we've ever found abroad. And we've just discovered today that there are different varieties!   2. Greek Yogurt Bar  Just like a frozen yogurt bar where you can choose your own toppings except with fresh, traditional Greek yogurt. I like mine with black cherry compote   … Continue reading Friday Favourites 

Europe So Far: Days 1 – 27

As I am writing this we are on a night train to Bucharest, Romania. it's late, we're getting ready for bed and I am realizing how far behind on the blog I am. So let me catch you up on our trip. So far, we've covered 5 Countries, none of which we've gotten passport stamps … Continue reading Europe So Far: Days 1 – 27

Friday Favourites

1. Seeing Afrojack for free in Warsaw This was absolutely pure luck. We happened to be in Warsaw for the first day of summer, which also happens to be a big thing in Poland/Europe, celebrating the first day of summer. Each place seems to celebrate with a small festival live music, food stalls, market stalls, … Continue reading Friday Favourites

8 Unusual Things to do in Berlin

Berlin, a city perfect for anyone not wanting to be part of the norm. We're always on the look out for unique things to do. We like to be travellers, not tourists; although in some places that line can definitely get blurred, but that just comes with the nature of some places. Even though we … Continue reading 8 Unusual Things to do in Berlin

Friday Favourites

So this week we went to Berlin! We were there for 5 days after leaving Frankfurt. We got up to quite a lot which you can see if you watch our Berlin Vlog coming soon on our YouTube channel. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are our 5 favourite things this week. … Continue reading Friday Favourites

A Day in Paris 

Summer time in Paris is busy, crowded and expensive. A lot of people recommend booking a lot of things in advance, however, that's just not like us at all. We are definitely the type of people who make last-minute decisions and like the idea of 'winging it'. So, when we got to Paris, surprise surprise, … Continue reading A Day in Paris 

Friday Favourites 

To recap, we left England on Monday for Paris by bus. We spent Tuesday and Wednesday exploring the city. Thursday we spent on another bus travelling from Paris to Frankfurt. And today/Friday we are in Frankfurt and have just booked an onward bus for tomorrow (Saturday). Stay tuned to see where we're heading next! But for … Continue reading Friday Favourites 

The Next Adventure

It's that time again! We're off on another adventure! Not that we ever really stopped travelling while living here in England but it's time to shake the dust off our backpacks and put our lives back on our backs. We've saved up for the last few months so now it's back on the road, back … Continue reading The Next Adventure

Weekend Warriors : 39 Hours in Iceland

Iceland is roughly three-quarters of the way between England and Greenland, and sits directly on top of the Eurasian and North American plates. The activity of these two plates is what formed Iceland and what gives it its geothermal nature. The land itself is mostly made up of lava rock, making the landscape look barren … Continue reading Weekend Warriors : 39 Hours in Iceland

Weekend Warriors : Brussels

  Brussels is pretty centrally located in Belgium, it's only about 50 minutes by train to Antwerp and just over an hour by train to Bruges. Not only is it the capital of Belgium but apparently also the capital of Europe. The main language is French but about half the population also speaks Flemish, and … Continue reading Weekend Warriors : Brussels